Sometimes a simple flyer can result in safer behavior. Here are a few tips to remember when using these flyers:

  • Print in color for maximum impact
  • Post in a public place such as the breakroom
  • Don't forget you can share the flyers electronically via email and social media!

Choose the Right Ladder

  • One of the most common mistakes made by ladder users is choosing the wrong ladder for the job. Download this flyer to learn how to choose the right ladder.

Safety Before the First Step

  • Are you taking the time to properly inspect your ladders before starting to work? Download for a few reminders of what you should be inspecting.

Safety While Climbing

  • Download this quick reference sheet to learn how to safely climb up and down a ladder. 

Safety at the Top

  • Download this quick reference sheet to learn how to work safely while standing on a ladder.

Why Ladder Safety and How it Affects Everyone

  • Download this quick reference sheet for a by-the-numbers look at the importance of ladder safety. 

Ladder Safety at Work

  • Do you know how much ladder accidents are costing you?

Ladder Safety at Home

  • Wondering home common ladder accidents really are? The numbers might surprise you! 

Ladder Inspection and Disposal

  • A few quick reminders to make sure you're taking the proper steps for ladder inspection and disposal.

Ladder Safety Moment

  • Through our partnership with Boy Scouts of America, this flyer provides a great overview of proper ladder safety.

Why Ladder Safety Training Should Be Mandatory For Your Employees

  • Want to know the most common ladder risks and how to avoid them? Check out this article from Chimney Sweep News to help prevent accidents on the job.